Image/Asset Manipulation

Since I don’t have access to the image library the company uses, I have to make my own assets, apart from one due to a mistake.

A few days ago, I gathered up all the required materials needed for what was being advertised and a white fold up table we had. I took all the assets and the table outside (fortunately it was overcast outside) and took pictures of them on the white table.

The set up in question is above. It’s all I really had to work with.

I laid each item on the table and took pictures of them. I’ll use the club salad one as an example, since that was the first one I did. Unfortunately I took pictures of the wrong salad (it’s supposed to be a Garden Salad) but it should still get the point across.

Fast forward to today, and I threw them in to GIMP for editing. This was the only one that I had to do some blemish fix-ups on due to the price sticker on the container. It was as simple as copy, paste, smudge and blur similar sections of the salad on top of the area where the sticker was. Here is the result.

I then isolated the background from the image of the salad, so it sits nicely on whatever I decide to put in front of it.

Some slight color corrections to bring out the colors of the salad, and it was ready to go.

I decided to make the drop shadow separate from the image incase the angle of the shadow needed to be changed or removed. That was as simple as using some extremes on color correction tools, blurring it via a Python based filter, and putting the opacity down to 60%. Here’s an example of it in action on the assets in action.

What you are looking at is two images of salads, and three shadows; two on the bottom, one casted on the lower salad image. They are in their own group, so they can be moved around the stage with ease, while still retaining the ability to be broken apart and edited.

I did this with every item except the pizza. I was dumb, and the only picture I have of a pizza (which I specially dressed and made for the asset collection) has breadsticks on it.

I’m sure there is editing magic that I could do to get rid of the breadsticks if given enough time, but I simply need to get this out somewhat soon, so I’m not going to worry about it. The Weigel’s site has it’s own picture of a pizza that I can use. It isn’t high quality, or as colorful as I hoped it would be, but it can still act as a good substitute for this image. Here is the image in question.

It’s flat, but accurate to how Weigel’s pizzas look. I can utilize the shadow I Made for the salad for this image as well, since are near identical in shape.

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