9/13/2021…ok it’s now 9/14/2021, but whatever.

Well, there goes another day of not animating anything again, due to my own stupidity (making the clay model of the body to reference for drawing and animation), but I did manage to get this proper mane sheet of Luminen done (one of the main characters). It was easy to do, since her design shares the same head shape as Snuut, despite having different eyes and antennae.

Her main defining features are pretty much always on display (like her antennae and mole) so there was little to no point to make a fifth sketch like I did with Snuut showing off her proboscis(es). To fill the space, I just quickly made the logo of her store, since she is the store owner of the town.

I do take that back about not animating, by the way. I do remember I did animate today, but it was a shitpost done very quickly with a ton of inside jokes. Like Finn once said, “When inspiration hits, you bite.”

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