Firstly, it’s been seven years to the day since I’ve started doing art. Crazy right?

Currently, I’ve now realized I’ve made a major mistake by choosing to go with colored outlines for the animation initially. C o l o r e d  o u t l i n e s  a n d  f r a m e  b y  f r a m e  a n i m a t i o n  d o  n o t  m i x . Trying to color this one scene in has become an absolute nightmare, not to mention that I just lost all the progress of coloring I had due to a software malfunction. I see now why literally everyone uses solid black outlines, and saves other styles of outlining for motion tweening.
It’s going to be jarring, but I’m just going to start animating in black lines, and just leave the one’s I’ve already finished with colored lines. I’m also going to animate on 4’s; animating on 2’s is simply taking too much time.
This is going to look like a rushed mess, but I’m going to pull this off. Mark my words.

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