ART – 2020 – 1

A screenshot from an animation from college. This is part of a menu, and is animated procedurally via ActionScript 2.

This was intended to be game concept art for a friend that made a procedurally animated VR robot for his college. I used his low poly design as a basis, and scribbled up this ostrich looking robot. I’m kind of hoping he continues development with his project; I’d love to create assets for him if he’d let me.
Early practice of human forms. This was used without references. The character’s name is Lillian

More early practice of human forms. This one was done with a reference. This is Lillian again, but the spirit character is Tor. The colors of tor in this reference are obsolete. It was intended as concept art for an animation. The animation, however, is on indefinite hiatus. It’s not cancelled, it’s just not an active project currently.

Some concept art of Tor.