ART – 2021 (Active)

This was some artwork I made for a mix CD I handed out at the local gas station. The songs don’t belong to me (apart from the second) but the artwork is all me (albiet, I did use a font for the Tracklist)
Listen to the mix here!

The name of this painting is “Karelian Woman Painting”. Just something I felt like drawing to further expand my artistic capabilities.
Adobe Illustrator practice. This is a vector of Winnie, a bun from the ‘Winnie the Wonder Bunny” account on Instagram. Thought I’d show my support for them in the form of a pic.
I guess I’m in to drawing rabbits as of late? This one isn’t based off of anything. It’s just a zombie rabbit I sketched in MS Paint.
Played around with textured brushes and silhouettes to make lighting.


Break Away
I have this bat plushy that sits on the desk next to me. This sketch was inspired by it.