Ilionen Snuut – Forthcoming the 29th of September.

The illustration in question is a redesign of Snuut’s mane that my Mom suggested I should go with. I’ve done some tests, and it’s much easier to draw in succession than Snuut’s original mane. The old mane is difficult to animate and doesn’t translate to solid drawings all that well.

Why am I posting this?
So, I’ve been wanting to make a series of animations about Snoot for two years now (three if you count the time when it was originally going to be about Lightbulb). Hell, an “animation” was “completed” about her in 2019. However, the idea was never solid. I just kind of wanted to animate Snoot, and didn’t really think past that. It’s been like that for about two years now, just sort of making mild progress here and there. I’ve been working on a singular animation for quite some time now, and it started to get maddening after a while not knowing where I was going entirely.

Fast forward to this week, and I guess some discussions with my Mom and some retarded sketches later, and realizing just how indecisive I was about what I wanted to do, I suddenly have a solid idea of where I’m going to take this. Just so I don’t forget the idea and have some accountability, I’m going to jot this idea down publicly.

The Meat.
Official Title: Illoinen Snuut

Premise: Snuut is clueless about what career she wants to work toward after being pulled in to civilization from her previous cave dwelling life. She now has to figure out what that end goal is, all while her caretakers teach and prep her in to becoming a responsible cog in the machine of society.

Setting: Vaski, a village in a made up land similar to the Lapland region.

Estimated length per animation: 5 minutes.

Estimated cost per short: Whatever my Gas Station Buxx can afford at the time.

Estimated amount of shorts: 12 to 16

Target Audience: General Audience between 16 to 21.

Target Platform: My own site first, then to Newgrounds if it works.

Do note the first episode being released on the 29th will not entirely follow this set up due to being started nearly a year ago (I really shouldn’t have jumped before I knew where I wanted to land).

The Action.
Now that I have all this written out, I’ll make constant updates on this site detailing the progress of it. Stay tuned.