My name is Terence Mattera. I am skilled in illustration, graphic design, motion graphics, and character animation. I have recently graduated college and have no actual experience yet; however, I’m willing to learn and bend to match the requirements and needs of any employer.

Latest Personal: Lemon Plushie

I have this bat plushy that sits on the desk next to me. This sketch was inspired by it.

Latest Professional: The Four Spices – (YAAANA)

The crew over at YAAANA tasked me with making a new banner for the next newsletter. Sukkot is coming up, so that was the theme of choice for the banner. I decided to sketch the four spices that are commonly associated with the holiday. I utilized the pencil tool in MS Paint to give it an inky, almost nostalgic look to it.

If your interested in hiring me for work, contact me here.